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Blume: a handed down history​​​​​

​​​​​​​Still strong is the memory of that mixture of smells: of fishermen's nets, of the wood painting of which the stone slabs of the descent to the sea were soaked, the smell of stories, the patience of those who were born at sea and has learned from it.

Walking through the ancient villages of Liguria, or while finding some small beaches among the orange groves and lemon-houses of the Amalfi coast, I was always fascinated by the bright colors of these small boats and by the delightfully painted names on their bows: each name seemed chosen looking up to the sky at the stars; how to entrust to it the good fortune of a courteous and propitious sea. If it may will happen to you, still to pass in one of these villages during a local patronal event, you would find yourself in front of a riot of so many colored lights, with which the goitres (Gozzi) are decorated before all of them joining the parade of the church statute to be brought to the sea procession by the people of the village.​​​​​​​

Dettaglio del gozzo Blume
​​​​​​​Each goiter had different dimensions and proportions depending to it’s specific usage. Each goiter (Gozzo) was made by master builders who build it “by eye” thanks to their experience and following the measure of the "Genoese palms"; secretly built passing through the long lasting experience from the father to the son on each generation.
You can recognize a Gozzo from afar: its unmistakable roundish shape, its bow and stern practically identical, may just distinguishable by the Pernaccia; this typical wood extension which proudly stands up on the bow and is often used by fishermen for mooring.

And today, from the charm of those stories and traditions, I’m pleased to bring my family story to the Lake Ceresio, the story of a Gozzo. My father really cared about it and was able to pass his passion over to me; the love and respect for water, a name - that of my family - carefully painted on the wood and also the passion for cooking, recalling the scents of the Mediterranean coasts.

Blume and I look forward to welcoming you on board!

Giovanna Fiore