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Relax, adventure, surprises, flavours.

A typical Mediterranean fishermen’s boat sails on Lake Lugano. 

By the time we have left the pier and you placed your towel on the boat, we will already be sailing in the middle of the lake.

Choose your itinerary... and enjoy the experience of being on the water. Take your time to bathe, lie in the sun, have a rest on soft cushions lulled by the water or if you wish go ashore and have a walk in a fishing village.

Assaporare momenti particolari su Blume-Cruise

Blume will also convey my passion for simple and genuine food: when I was a child, I used to see my grandmother Lina and my mother Livia kneading focaccia and today I fancy to offer my guests the treats of that culinary traditions and wisdom.
As soon as we leave with Blume you will discover “your home on the water”.

Giovanna Fiore